(Maidenhair fern Family)

Pentagramma triangularis (Kaulfuss) Yatskievych, Windham, & E. Wollenweber subsp. maxonii (Weatherby) Yatskievych, Windham, & E. Wollenweber

Western goldfern

( Fertile diploid or tetraploid)
This fern is rarely seen in New Mexico and there are no specimens present in the herbaria at NMSU, UNM, WNMU, or ENMU, but it is reported for the state by the Flora of North America project from the bootheel region. The adaxial surface of the pinnae has scattered yellow capitate glands. The abaxial surface is densely covered with white farina. The sporangia are borne all along the abaxial veins. This is one of three ferns in New Mexico with pentagonal blades (see Bommeria hispida and Notholaena standleyi).


0.5 mile southwest of Boyce Thompson Arboretum entrance, Pinal County, AZ     20 November 2004